5 Email Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

5 Email Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

The time has come yet again for reflecting on the past year and turning your nostalgia into motivation for new things to accomplish in the new year. Whether you’re setting personal goals or action items for work, we’ll all be driven…at least in the beginning.*

*Personal Resolution: Keep resolutions for longer than a month.

Research shows that nearly 60% of Americans prefer brands to contact them via email, proving that email marketing continues to be an effective outlet to focus your marketing on. Here are some of our resolutions geared for email marketers that you can carry on throughout the whole year.

  • Restate Goals: Take time in the beginning to reflect with your team to make sure you are all on the same page related to the broader goals for your business’ success, not solely smaller goals such as increasing open and click-through-rates for emails.

  • Automate: Step into 2016, and embrace all of the updated technological possibilities for your business. Instead of wasting time with menial tasks of the past, automated software systems are popping up everywhere these days. Once you get a handle on automating those tedious tasks such as scheduling email blasts (ain’t nobody got time for that), you’ll be amazed how much time you have leftover for other productive activities.

  • Quality Over Quantity: Take good content to the next level by customizing and/or personalizing messages. You have access to more data than you may even be aware of, so make use of this by showing your customers that you value them as individuals and won’t just mass blast them with spam messages.

  • Test Your Email Campaigns: A/B testing will become your best friend in the new year. This is probably the single most useful strategy for finding out what works best when it comes to intelligent email marketing. Don’t stop after one test, either; develop multiple hypotheses dealing with subject lines, coupon codes, et cetera, and set your tests in motion.

  • Continue Learning: Everything in the digital world is changing at such a rapid pace, you have to constantly stay on top of your game as well as everyone else’s. Always brainstorm new ideas, subscribe to new blogs and newsletters (Ahem), research new techniques and strategies, and implement your findings into your business plan.

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