Using Customer Personas to Define Your Target Market

By Daniel WaltzerNov 25, 2015 6:30:45 AM Millennial Marketing and Social Media

The two most basic questions in marketing are “Who are my customers?” and “What am I selling them?” I would imagine that virtually all business owners would have a relatively easy time answering these questions; however, I challenge them to ask an important follow-up: Does this make sense?


The Importance of Hyper-Local Marketing

By Kelly LangeNov 18, 2015 9:34:04 AM Franchisee and Local Marketing

Location, location, location! We hear that all the time in terms of real estate, but when it comes down to it, location plays a huge role in so many different facets of life. Now, thanks to advanced location-based technologies, we can go ahead and add marketing to that list. In order to optimize personalization, national brands absolutely must pay attention to their local markets.


What is Retargeting?

By Kelly LangeNov 16, 2015 4:28:01 AM Loyalty, Retention, and Retargeting

Today, companies have the ability to track almost everything, from your Google search history to your past purchases. As invasive as this may seem to some, for marketers, the more information we have, the better we can re-engage previous customers. That’s where retargeting comes in.


Get Your Feet Wet with Digital Marketing

By Elyse AlbertNov 11, 2015 9:53:51 AM Marketing Metrics and ROI

Hi, you. I know you. Let me guess...maybe you’re in charge of marketing and approximately 10 million other things for a small business. Or you own a business and don’t have a dedicated marketing employee or agency. Maybe you’ve done traditional marketing for years but keep hearing that you need to move some budget to digital. Or perhaps you believe your traditional marketing is appropriate for your consumers, and you don’t REALLY need to go digital.


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