5 Email Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

By Kelly LangeDec 31, 2015 11:30:00 AM Email Marketing

The time has come yet again for reflecting on the past year and turning your nostalgia into motivation for new things to accomplish in the new year. Whether you’re setting personal goals or action items for work, we’ll all be driven…at least in the beginning.*


How Social Media Analytics Help You Be a Better Marketer

By Daniel WaltzerDec 29, 2015 11:30:00 AM Marketing Metrics and ROI

We recently published a two-part series to help you determine whether or not you need a social scheduling tool. The focus of that series was, as its title suggests, to extol the virtues of using scheduling tools to reduce your workload when managing multiple social accounts. We spoke briefly about some of the reporting features offered by these tools, but we wanted to use this post to expand upon that subject a little more and offer some thoughts on how social analytics can help in all areas of your business.


How to Handle Email Marketing During the Holidays

By Kelly LangeDec 24, 2015 11:30:00 AM Email Marketing

‘Tis the season for gift giving and receiving. The holidays are in full swing, which means email inboxes are most likely filled to the brim with last-minute deals. In fact, according to research from Yesmail, about 32% more brands than usual send holiday themed emails. With all of the craziness that surrounds the holidays, how do you make sure your message stands out amongst the cluster?


How to Send Better Clearance Emails This Holiday Season

By Elyse AlbertDec 23, 2015 11:30:00 AM Email Marketing

We sort of like email marketing around here. You know, we causally sign up for hundreds of company’s marketing newsletters, pore over the latest data and trends in the email marketing industry, and help our clients out with smarter email. No big deal. It certainly doesn’t take an obsessive to know that the holiday season accounts for almost a quarter of e-commerce revenue and represents an important time to clear inventory. But where can we come in handy? With advice on making you stand out from the crowd and sell as much of your end-of-year inventory as possible to your existing customers.


Which Social Scheduling Tool to Use

By Elyse AlbertDec 22, 2015 11:00:00 AM Millennial Marketing and Social Media

Welcome to Part Two of our two-part series on social scheduling tools! In this part, we discuss which social media scheduling tools you should consider. If you want to know whether you should make the investment in a social scheduling tool at all, see Part One here.


The Customer Life Cycle

By Kelly LangeDec 18, 2015 10:53:19 AM Loyalty, Retention, and Retargeting

One of the biggest goals of any business is to create lasting relationships with customers. Like any relationship, the one you have with your customers will be an arc with ups and downs through periods of activity and inactivity. From acquisition to retention, your job is to be there every step of the way to ensure your customers that you’ll be there for them. You’ll never let go (cue tears).


Do you need a social scheduling tool?

By Elyse AlbertDec 15, 2015 2:27:53 PM Millennial Marketing and Social Media

Welcome to Part One of a two-part series on social scheduling tools! In this part, we address whether you should make the investment in a social scheduling tool. In the next post, we’ll discuss which tools you should look into.  


The Best Days and Times to Send Emails

By Kelly LangeDec 14, 2015 10:55:58 AM Email Marketing

The holidays have arrived, meaning consumerism is in full swing. It’s time to set your email marketing into overdrive. However, instead of bombarding your customers with hordes of emails, plan your campaigns around the optimal days and times when customers actually open emails. What are those days and times, you ask? Here’s a quick rundown, both the good and bad:


Five Times Traditional Marketing, The Black Hole, Is OK

By Daniel WaltzerDec 9, 2015 11:33:22 AM Marketing Metrics and ROI

Shh...we have a secret for you. We’re about to (partially) endorse a marketing strategy that has become taboo. Virtually every business owner is familiar with the concept: that question of whether or not you should do a 180 on your successful marketing strategy that’s been in place for decades. We call traditional marketing a “black hole,” because for the most part, ROI is not traceable. There are tons of articles out there highlighting the importance of using trackable digital media to prove marketing success - we’ve written about it too - and businesses of all sizes are continuing to shift budgets away from traditional media that only purport to show “lift.”


6 Tips On How Not To Annoy Your Customers

By Kelly LangeDec 3, 2015 1:13:23 PM Millennial Marketing and Social Media

With holiday season upon us, customers are rushing to reach for their credit cards to get the best deals. As a business owner, this is your prime time to take advantage of eager customers. However, we know all too well that many businesses bombard customers with deals, desperately aiming to clear inventory. How should you strike the right balance of marketing without annoying? Take a look at these Longstreet Solutions tips on how to use email marketing without annoying your customers:


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