Automation Spotlight: Abandoned Cart

Automation Spotlight: Abandoned Cart

Welcome to our latest blog series, in which we go through types of Automations one-by-one in the least boring manner possible. Hold on tightly!

As far as email automation goes, one of the best practices an e-commerce shop owner can implement in their program is an abandoned cart series. We’ve been over this before, but abandoned cart emails are messages that remind customers to complete a checkout process by showing them items they left in their shopping carts.

Studies from the Baymard Institute show that the average rate of shopping cart abandonment amongst e-commerce businesses is about 68%. When you think of that number in terms of customers, that is a huge portion of people that coulda woulda shoulda been your customers. By sending them an abandoned cart email or series of emails, you help your chances of winning at least a few of them over.

Why do people abandon their carts? There could be many things contributing to cart abandonment. Other than the fact that many people simply aren’t ready to make a purchase then and there (hence why items are put in the cart in the first place, to save for later), the main contributing factor in cart abandonment has to do with shipping costs. Whether they’re too high or they weren’t explicitly stated from the get-go, people don’t like to feel deceived. Other factors? Site usability issues and unavailable preferred payment options. Always work to create the best possible customer experience, even if that means asking people what they want/need. You’ll be thankful in the long run.

We’ve also been over the best practices of these emails before. Key takeaways: create a series, send within 24 hours, and keep it simple. The idea is to create a sense of urgency for people. Make it known that the items in an abandoned cart will vanish after a certain time, so people have to act NOW. Through a series of 2 or 3 emails, you can build that time sensitivity even further by offering more incentives for completing a purchase (free shipping anyone?).

Most email marketing providers offer automated abandoned cart options nowadays, so do your business a favor and start sending. Since abandoned cart emails garner some of the highest open and click-through rates of all email marketing campaigns, you’d be seriously missing out on potential customers by not taking advantage.

Longstreet can help abandoned carts find their owners. Talk to us.

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