Automation Spotlight: Birthday Messages

Automation Spotlight: Birthday Messages

Everyone likes to feel special on their birthday. From eating cake to opening gifts, birthdays are generally celebratory. So how can your business join in on the fun? Cue the automated birthday email. With 179% higher unique click rates than normal promotional emails, birthday messages are almost guaranteed conversion success. They are also a great- and easy- way to enhance your customer relationships.

Now for starters, if you want to have the ability to send these emails in the first place, you need to collect birthday information from the get-go. The easiest way to do this is to include a birthday section in your email signup form. Once you have that, you can use merge tags to send personalized messages to your customers on their special days. However, should you already have a list without birthdays, you can also send out a special email campaign dedicated to collecting birthdays, and you can try your hand on social media as well.

Because most people expect presents on their birthdays, your email should include a special deal, free gift, or secret offer. Whatever you decide to include, make sure you keep it easy. Birthday gifts shouldn’t be something that people need to jump through the hoops to get to, so keep your redemption process streamlined and simple.

As for the subject lines of these emails, it’s a good idea to maintain an air of mystery- “*|FNAME|*, your birthday gift is inside.” By not revealing what the offer or gift is in the subject line, people are forced to open the email, which is half the battle. That said, you do want to make it clear that there is a special birthday gift inside. Don’t be so mysterious that people don’t realize it’s a birthday message!

Another good practice is to send the birthday gift in a series. Since people are often bombarded on their birthdays with phone calls, text messages, et al., people may not read all of their emails too. Think about sending the first email a few days before the actual birthday, and send follow-up reminders until either the birthday offer expires or (hopefully) the birthday offer is redeemed.

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