Email Designs and Campaigns We're Thankful For

Email Designs and Campaigns We're Thankful For

Thanksgiving has come and gone, along with hoards of holiday-themed marketing messages trying to get people to do what we do best- consume. Whether you were consuming questionable amounts of food or shopping seasonal sales, we all have something to be thankful for. We’re giving thanks for these great emails, which held our attention and didn’t clutter our inboxes.


Subject: Cheers Dears! Gifts for the Oenophile




Super specific, targeted marketing has proven time and again how effective it can be. From the subject line explicitly stating who this message is for and the numbered list of sleek products (see full list), Bloomingdale’s masters the art of segmenting its customer-base. In addition to the overall message concept, their neon light holiday designs make for an eye-catching and festive email.


Subject Line: A week’s worth of 1-day deals starts NOW.


Flashing lights, spinning bars, and 1-day deals, oh my! It’s safe to say that GIFs rule this email from Modcloth. While too much distraction in a design can sometimes turn people away, this message manages to focus all the action toward the sole value prop increasing the probability of conversions. The daily deal concept is another great tactic that creates a sense of urgency that marketers are always looking for. Plus, it will keep subscribers coming back for more each day.


Subject: Meet the new Uber app


Many times when companies rebrand or make major updates, people become upset that familiar things have changed. Uber recently overhauled their app and sent this email to notify its users of the update. As a master of simplistic emails, Uber again proves that less is more. Instead of filling up the message with a bullet point list of all the changes, they created a clean background GIF of the updated interface and wrote only a small note, forcing people to click if they want to see what’s new.


Subject: Want Some (Extremely) Good News?


It’s safe to say that everybody loves presents. A common design trend we’ve seen this holiday season is exactly what Birchbox did in this email: treating the message like a gift we’re tearing open. Not only does this create a fun, three-dimensional feel to the design, but it also creates the desire for more. What happens when you finish unwrapping? Only a click can answer that.


Subject Line: Pining after something new? You’re in luck.


J.Crew always does a great job relating their overall email design concept to their cleverly crafted copy. Plus, they prove that you don’t have to load your emails up with products and discounts. Sometimes all it takes is some fun wordplay that piques customers’ curiosity- and a clear CTA- to get people to click.

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