Email Olympics: Amazon vs Etsy


Etsy and Amazon: two e-commerce giants with two very different strategies. These two companies could have very similar email strategies, but as you’ll see, in practice, they couldn’t be more different. Let’s start with Amazon.

Amazon is the OG of personalized email marketing. They send out emails like this browse abandonment email, below (yep, I totally browsed Vacuum Food Savers recently).


Another great element of their email strategy? Replenishment emails, aka “Buy it again.”


As we all know, they ask for reviews of recent purchases…


...And a final hallmark of their email strategy is related product suggestions.


As for Etsy…

Their approach seems to be branding-related as opposed to personalized or targeted. Their emails are aimed at keeping Etsy top-of-mind and remaining seasonally relevant, like this New Year’s Resolution-themed email…


And this email capitalizing on trendy #shelfies.


However, they did send one personalized email to me over the last couple of months, recommending similar products to a past purchase:



And the Winner Is...

While Etsy capitalizes on marketing trends with cute copy-writing and a bit more design than Amazon, neither company sends particularly well-designed or visually exciting email communications. Therefore, we have to go with Amazon as the winner of this Email Olympics, as personalization makes a big difference in marketing results. 

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