Email Word of the Week: Conversion

Conversion (n): An action, often a purchase, that email marketers would like recipients to take following email receipt.

Conversions are pretty simple; someone opens your email, clicks through, and then does what you ask them to do. Most often, conversions are purchases; however, every business is different -- every email’s intention is different -- so it’s important that you don’t think about conversions as only sales.

At this point, you’re probably thinking: what else could be classified as a conversion? Good question! This is, by no means, an all-inclusive list, but the most common conversions are:

Event signups: If you’re hosting a webinar or in-person event and send an email with a “sign up now” CTA, every registration would be considered a conversion.

Follows on social media: You’d be hard-pressed to find an email template that doesn’t have a “follow us on…” section. You’re asking people to follow you on social, so if they do, that’s a conversion.

Demo registrations: Software and services providers almost always use demos in their sales processes, so recipients who follow a “Schedule a Demo” CTA and set one up are considered conversions.

Increases in requested email frequency: This one isn’t as obvious, but if you offer the option for subscribers to manage their email preferences and someone chooses to increase the frequency with which they receive your emails, then kaboom...that’s a conversion too!

Purchases: As we mentioned above, this is the most obvious conversion -- it’s also usually the holy grail of email marketing. A purchase doesn’t always mean a product, though; it can be a subscription, a class, or an event ticket as well. These ‘types’ of purchases may require specific CTAs beyond “Buy Now” in order to be effective.

Well, there you have it! Understanding conversions is pretty straightforward, but implementing effective ways to maximize them is not. The first step is creating effective calls-to-action, but your website and conversion pages have major influences as well (our family at Longstreet Labs can help with that).

Have any questions? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help!

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