How to Plan Your Thanksgiving Email Campaigns

How to Plan Your Thanksgiving Email Campaigns

We’re headed into that time of year when everyone starts feeling a little more joyful. Thanksgiving is almost here, which means food, family, and football -- oh, and one more thing: emails. Lots and lots of emails. Because the holiday marketing season, which kicks off with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, is an incredibly loud time for marketers, it’s important to put serious thought behind your upcoming email campaigns. In this post, we’ll share a few tips to help make your emails more effective as Thanksgiving approaches.

Send at weird times

Most email marketers schedule their campaigns for “normal times” -- 9:00am, 4:30pm, etc. We’ve spoken previously about the best days and times to send emails, but during the holiday season you’ll need to get a little more creative. SparkPost recommends sending emails at times that end in prime numbers (e.g. 9:07am, 4:19pm, etc.) because you’ll be competing with fewer simultaneous inbound messages, which improves both deliverability and open rates.

Use straightforward creative

Don’t shy away from seasonally-relevant creative, but make sure that the actual content of your email is simple and easy to interact with. If you’re promoting particular products, display them just as you do on your website, and include direct links to purchase them. Consumers will be inundated with cute and creative Thanksgiving emails, so make sure that yours provide a clear and easy path to conversion.

Send follow-up emails

Most marketers are afraid of being spammy (as they should be), but the holiday season is not the time to be shy. Look into setting up follow-up emails to customers who don’t open, people who open but don’t click, and people who click but don’t purchase.

Don’t rebrand (right now, at least)

We’re all for updating and refreshing your brand when the time is right, but the holiday season is just not that time. Your emails (and everyone else’s) will already look different enough with holiday colors everywhere, so don’t make it more difficult for your customers to identify your brand by launching a new logo or color palette.

We could go on for days about how to be a more effective email marketer during the holiday season, so drop us a line if you’re interested in hearing what else we have to say on the matter. In the meantime, plan ahead, be creative, and keep up with our holiday tips by subscribing to our newsletter.

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