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Welcome to the next post in our monthly series, Longstreet HQ Recap! As a constantly evolving company, we figured it’s time we let you peek into the world of Longstreet Solutions and our ongoings.

January 2017

First of all, we’re still growing! If you are a Digital Marketing Manager, Junior Graphic Designer with Email & Web Design Experience, Senior Graphic Designer, Junior Programmer, or Senior Programmer, apply here to join the fun.


January: So crazy we didn’t write about it until February 15th.

You probably want to know what’s going on with Ahoy, right? We have nearly fully completed UX work! Here’s a screenshot of a wireframe:


Here’s a screenshot of part of the campaigns dashboard.


As for Ahoy UI…

We’re partnering with several external and internal resources to bring the interface to life. Are you a UI contractor in the Atlanta area? Get in touch with us here.


And most importantly, development…

Campaign creation and our drag-and-drop editor are the main focuses for the current sprint. They’ll take up the next month or so, and then it’s onto automations.


As for Intelligent Email...

As our email design team grows, we’ve implemented more great campaign and design ideas, such as GIFs with just one part of the email moving or flashing, custom illustrations, hand-written-letters-turned-email-designs, emails replicating websites, emails replicating restaurant menus, and more. It’s an exciting time to be in this business! As companies realize email marketing is kind of important, we’re getting more requests for quotes for the new year. Does your business need a digital marketing boost? Get in touch here.


Team activity of the month: Chinese New Year Celebration!


Hurts so good.


Speaking of team...the team is *still* a-growing, especially as we prepare to launch Ahoy, and we’re looking for top talent to help design, market, grow, and generally crush the email game. Does that sound like you? Learn more here.


January Facts

  • Monthly Team Lunch catered from: Gio’s Chicken. Family style Amalfi FTW.
  • Best ‘High of the Week’ from a weekly team meeting:
  • Number of New Year’s Resolutions kept: 2
  • New deals signed: 7
  • Paint swatches deliberated: 15

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