November's Best Emails


Sure, it's almost the end of December, but November produced some great emails that we still wanted to share with you. With so many promotions flooding your inbox this season, we picked out some of our favorites so you don’t have to.

Steve Madden

Subject Line: We vote for 40% off clearance


You’ll remember that November started off with that little US presidential election. During that time, we saw the word “Vote” in email subject lines everywhere, along with designs attempting American patriotism in some form. While many of the messages we saw felt and looked forced, Steve Madden managed to create this patriotically-designed, topical email offering a super discount that was sure to get people to go vote shop.


Subject Line: FW: You're invited


#TBT to snail mail. Loft throws a nod at that ancient practice with this simple, cute GIF because really, who doesn’t love receiving personal letters in the mail? From the subject line that tricks you into thinking you’ve actually been invited to an event to the short and to-the-point copy, this email is a winner.


Subject Line: Save up to $150 on Nest products.


This email from Nest is a great example of showing off your products without junking up your design. GIFs are always good attention-grabbers and the changing copy is a nice touch.

Nasty Gal

Subject Line: THE BLACKOUT SALE - get 30% OFF


Warning: this email may cause your eyes to cross if you stare too long, but maybe that’s what Nasty Gal was going for all along. The slot-machine feel automatically creates a sense of excitement in many people, as you can’t help but wonder what numbers it’ll stop on. True, all the numbers in this GIF are 30% but we should probably click just to double check there isn’t a better deal waiting.


Subject Line: (Great News) We’re Saving Limited Edition Peppermint Bark, 2 Lb. For You! Welcome Back



This Williams-Sonoma email stood out of the crowd for a few reasons. First off, peppermint bark (*mouth waters*). Reason number two is that this arrived in my inbox almost immediately following me closing out of this product page on Williams-Sonoma’s website without even having put the bark (or anything for that matter) in my cart. Plus, they take a page from Amazon’s book and add in related products underneath to add even more temptation. Another thing to note about this email is the ‘We’ve Missed You’ and discount at the top. They noticed that I am a lapsed customer who still browses their website meaning it can’t be too hard to win me back. The overall design may have taken a backseat on this email, but everything else is oh so spot on.


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