What Are Abandoned Cart Emails

What Are Abandoned Cart Emails

Everybody’s been there. You’re online shopping, adding items to your cart haphazardly, and end up at check-out only to abandon the entire mission. Whether the price was not quite right or the internet failed you, the confirm purchase button was left unclicked.

A statistic from the Baymard Institute states that about 68% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts. For online retailers, abandoned carts are glaring reminders of revenue that could’ve been. Therefore, this is the prime opportunity to take quick action to ensure these customers are not lost for good. Cue the abandoned cart email.

Abandoned cart emails are exactly what the name suggests. Customers are retargeted via email to return and complete their checkout process, sometimes with an extra incentive. Seems simple enough, right?

Well, you might be wondering how you can send an abandoned cart email. The fact is, you have to have the customer’s email address in order to do so, so abandoned cart emails are almost certainly not for first-time customers. They are for existing customers or subscribers, which is OK because existing customers are more valuable and likely to complete their purchases anyway.

Side note: All that said, you may think about including an email capture (some sort of pop-up message) immediately when someone enters your site. This way, even if it’s their first time ever visiting, you will already gain the most valuable piece of information an email marketer could ask for, an email address.

Typically, abandoned cart emails are sent in a series, which looks something like this:


After the initial abandoned cart email, which should be sent within 24 hours of abandonment, the next couple of emails in your series should create more of a sense of urgency. Expiring discounts and diminishing availability will leave customers feeling like they have to act now.  



After a second email, you can choose whether or not to continue sending more urgent emails. The choice is yours, but you may want to keep this in mind: statistics from SaleCycle state that almost half of abandoned cart emails are opened, which in turn leads to over a third of clicks for purchases. How can you justify not sending these?

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