What to Expect From Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Reports

What to Expect From Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Reports

Hopefully the dust has settled from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness, you’ve fulfilled your orders, and now you’re ready to review your email marketing performance. Earlier this year, we published a two-part series on how to read your campaign reports (here’s where you can find part 1 and part 2), but major marketing days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday often produce some wonky results, so here’s what you should expect when reviewing your reports:

Open rates will be down

This should come as no surprise, but you weren’t the only one sending emails for post-Thanksgiving sales. Typically, we say that open rates reflect the quality of your subject lines; however, that isn’t necessarily the case during this time of year. Sure, an incredible subject line gives your email a better chance of getting opened, but it’s just as likely that your email gets passed over due solely to volume.

Total opens should be up

Remember, the open rate reflects the total number of unique openers for a given email. Total opens, however, is a tally every single time that email was opened. Why would total opens go up over Black Friday? Customers may want to read through all of the sales in their inbox and compare offers a few times before making a purchase.

Unsubscribe and complaint rates should remain steady

Sure, some people were annoyed by the assault on their inboxes, but, at this point, it’s just par for the course. Customers know what’s coming their way on major shopping holidays, so you shouldn’t lose any more subscribers than you normally would from a given campaign.

Engagement started earlier in the day

We know that people gear up all month long for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and most of those shoppers start buying as early as possible to make sure that everything they want is still in stock.

ROI is stronger

Even if you sent 3-4x your normal monthly email volume, the revenue from your Black Friday/Cyber Mondays sales should well offset your increased costs, and your ROI should increase.

Of course, every case is different, so you may spot some other anomalies in your campaign reports that can be attributed to the holiday weekend madness. If you have questions about your email performance and want us to take a look, drop us a line and we’ll help you out.

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