Why You Need User-Generated Content in your Emails


As a marketer, you’ve probably heard about the need to be ‘authentic’ in your communications. It’s important to resonate with your audience and feel like a natural extension of their routine, whether it’s scrolling Instagram or listening to the radio. Besides, people love making fun of brands who try too hard in their marketing campaigns. Bae? On fleek? Just say no. One of the best ways to be authentic is to let your customers do the talking for you. This is where user-generated content comes in.


What is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content is literally content generated by existing users. This can be photos of your product uploaded to a social platform, reviews and tips left on review sites, feedback they’ve left in surveys, or even quotes from emails they’ve sent you. Anything written or shared about your offerings created by (unpaid) users of it is potential material for user-generated content.


How to Email User-Generated Content

It’s fairly intuitive that user-generated content on a platform like Instagram consists mainly of reposts of photos taken by customers. But what about via email? Here are a couple of great ways to let your customers do the talking via email:

  1. Add a testimonial to the bottom of each email that goes out, or create a campaign around testimonials written by existing customers.
  2. Design an email template with a collage of photos taken by people who have tagged or hashtagged your brand on Instagram.
  3. Have a video or tutorial taken by a customer of yours? Include the thumbnail and a link to the video site via email.
  4. Have any bloggers or other media sites written about or incorporated your products into content? Repurpose that content over email, and link to the original source.

Still Not Convinced?

If you’re still not sold on incorporating user-generated content into your email marketing, just take a look at some of these examples of UGC generating serious results for brands. According to Hubspot, consumers trust user-generated content more than any other form of media! Coca-Cola attributes a lift in sales to their famous #ShareACoke campaign. Calvin Klein gained over 4 million new Instagram followers and has 20k+ #InMyCalvin hashtags thanks to their campaign. Check out the gorgeous photos on Rebecca Minkoff’s #MyRM Microsite, and marvel that they have 17k+ Instagram posts with it!


Need help getting user-generated content into your email marketing? Ours is on fleek.

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